My Kindda Happiness!


Cooking, eating and traveling- this trio defines me. Except for cooking I got the other two hobbies from my dad for sure. Everyone eats but not everyone eats with passion and my family is filled with people who takes eating as a passion. As for traveling, my father loves to travel and he taught me how to enjoy life. Being a businessman my father has travelled a lot and I had the luck to tag along with him sometimes to his business trips. I love how he balances  work and leisure just perfectly so that neither out weighs the other. Work does not seem like work at all because he loves what he does and he always encourages me to do the same. Life is short and happiness is not a destination but a journey. We are so lost thinking that someday we will be happy forgetting that today was my yesterday’s future and happiness is not something to wait for but happiness is something you should be now. Just do what makes you happy and don’t for even a minute underestimate a good vibe.


2 thoughts on “My Kindda Happiness!

  1. vaidehichokshi says:

    “happiness is not something to wait for but happiness is something you should be now.”- Couldn’t agree more! So many people are busy minting money for a ‘better life’ that they forget to live in the process! Love your attitude towards life

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    • Rubaina says:

      Yeah, and they think nothing is wrong doing that. They have taken it as a norm, nowadays only few people think outside the box, out of all the norms society has made. They struggle all their life making money only for the money to be used on healthcare at old age and they never really reach ”Destination: Happiness”.


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