The kid inside me


Do you still buy Disney stuffs? Does doing a kid’s arts and craft work for school make you happy? Do you still bind your copies before the start of a new semester? The reason why I’m asking you these is because I wonder if it’s just me who still could get over childhood or if there are others who are like me. If you give me an option to go for shopping either at Sephora or at Michaels craft store I would undoubtedly chose the later. Yeah, that’s how crazy I am for crafts.

My trimester starts next week and I went stationary shopping, which is for me the best part of going back to school again. This afternoon I got some time for myself and ended up binding my copy. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed grooming it up! Here is a picture I thought of sharing.


Taped this cute Winnie The Pooh note pad on the cover to write important notes.


Here is what it looks like now. Might look like a copy of a 6 year old but hey- Age is just a number.


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