A chance to make her feel special


Happy Mother’s Day to the amazing mothers out there. Got mom these flowers while coming back from school only to find her going out for shopping with her sisters after I got home. I became impatient. I so badly wanted her so see the flowers and be happy. Now a days we probably don’t have time to think about these little things but, you know what? these little things aren’t little. Never leave a chance to make someone happy, specially your close ones. If I had given her the flower when I got home, if there had been no wait, I wouldn’t have realised how happy I was so make my mother happy. I won’t be able to say these things to her because I’m shy and this is how we spend most of our years not telling or showing our loved ones about how much we love them.13178030_10208969583692737_4785820540486647441_n

The story doesn’t end here, someone far away from San Francisco, just to make the day more special had sent flowers and cake for my mom. I don’t know for sure if there is one more guy like him on this world to be found. This gesture left me speechless.


No wonder he loves me to the moon and back.


The kid inside me


Do you still buy Disney stuffs? Does doing a kid’s arts and craft work for school make you happy? Do you still bind your copies before the start of a new semester? The reason why I’m asking you these is because I wonder if it’s just me who still could get over childhood or if there are others who are like me. If you give me an option to go for shopping either at Sephora or at Michaels craft store I would undoubtedly chose the later. Yeah, that’s how crazy I am for crafts.

My trimester starts next week and I went stationary shopping, which is for me the best part of going back to school again. This afternoon I got some time for myself and ended up binding my copy. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed grooming it up! Here is a picture I thought of sharing.


Taped this cute Winnie The Pooh note pad on the cover to write important notes.


Here is what it looks like now. Might look like a copy of a 6 year old but hey- Age is just a number.

Because Spinach is not just for 💪🏻Poppey!


SPINACH as we all know is very healthy. It is a super food filled with tons of nutrients that are important for skin, hair and bone health. There are various ways of having SPINACH like spinach frittata, spinach lasagna and what not. My favourite way of having this super food is to blend it into a smoothie for a super healthy breakfast. Here is the recipe for you to try this delicious, nutrient-rich blast smoothie:


Baby Spinach: 2 huge handfuls

Banana: 1

Greek Yogurt: 1 cup

Honey: 2 tsp. (I use it as a substitute for sugar)

Flax Seeds (optional)

Pomegranate: 1 cup (optional)

Just blend for 1 minute and enjoy!



Tom Yam Love


It was the night before our flight from Bangkok. We finished our dinner early and I came back tot he hotel room for packing while my dad went for a last foot massage. Everyone loves Tom Yam soup in my family and me and my dad almost had this everyday on our 1 week trip except for that day. It was around 1am and my dad came back with a packet  of our favourite soup with disposable bowls and spoons as you have see above and partly my dad who was lying these busy in a phone call. It was quite a remarkable dinner at midnight.




My Kindda Happiness!


Cooking, eating and traveling- this trio defines me. Except for cooking I got the other two hobbies from my dad for sure. Everyone eats but not everyone eats with passion and my family is filled with people who takes eating as a passion. As for traveling, my father loves to travel and he taught me how to enjoy life. Being a businessman my father has travelled a lot and I had the luck to tag along with him sometimes to his business trips. I love how he balances  work and leisure just perfectly so that neither out weighs the other. Work does not seem like work at all because he loves what he does and he always encourages me to do the same. Life is short and happiness is not a destination but a journey. We are so lost thinking that someday we will be happy forgetting that today was my yesterday’s future and happiness is not something to wait for but happiness is something you should be now. Just do what makes you happy and don’t for even a minute underestimate a good vibe.